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Bouquets of flowers, buy bouquet, flower delivery

To order a bouquet in Kiev from online flower shop Flower Family

A fresh bouquet of flowers fills the hearts and houses with a new life. We are here to help you buy a bouquet of flowers and order delivery to Kiev at the right time and place.

The origin of the word bouquet

The word bouquet "bouquet" appeared in the beginning of the 18th century and comes from the old French language. In translation, this meant - the flowers are collected in a certain sequence and fastened together in a bunch. The word "bouquet" can also describe the fragrance of flowers or anything that is a mixture of fragrances, such as perfume or wine.

Types of bouquets:

Perhaps the most famous type of bouquet - round bouquets consisting of a dense bouquet of flowers, carved to a uniform length and buy a bouquet of flowers in Kiev, order a bouquet, delivery of flowers, style. Flowers are packed very tightly and tied with accentuating cloth or wire. As a rule, one focal flower or focal color defines a bouquet. This is a very elegant and classic look. Round bouquets give you the freedom to use them at almost any event (Birthday, Anniversary, wedding anniversary); just make sure that the flowers and colors you choose match your event!

Cascade bouquets show a literal waterfall of flowers. It is slightly rounded at the top and falls to the bottom, using greens and flowers, the bouquet acquires a magnificent tapering effect. Above, where you hold a bouquet, a lot of flowers. Hence the bouquet tapers, does not reach a narrow end point.

Currently, the bouquet of handmade is the most popular type, often consisting of roses, but can also contain other beautiful flowers. It can be freely assembled or tightly tied, depending on which one you prefer.

How to choose a bouquet of flowers
A bouquet of flowers is in addition to your basic gift. To choose the right bouquet for your occasion: March 8, Valentine's Day or the birth of a child. There is a whole language of flowers, but you do not need to know every flower to buy a bouquet.

Roses are a popular expression of love and gratitude. Tulips are a sweet gesture, suitable for all people in your life. For those who prefer something unusual, an orchid is a simple, inimitable style.

Delivery of bouquets in Kiev and the Kiev region

Flower delivery in Kiev at night allows you to send a perfect gift at any time. You can buy a bouquet of roses in any store, but the quality and freshness of our flowers are unrivaled.
If there is a question in search of the freshest, most beautiful bouquets, choose our boutique of colors, and we guarantee that you will become our regular customer. We choose only the best flowers, when we create all our bouquets and flowers in the hat boxes. You will never be disappointed with one of our flower gifts.

Bouquets of flowers with delivery across Kiev is a tremendous gift idea for all and in all cases. Who would not like to receive a bouquet of romantic roses or an attractive bouquet of colorful tulips? Everybody loves flowers. If you need a thoughtful gift idea for a loved one, think about colors.

In just a few clicks you will see a wide range of bouquets of flowers offered by our company. Shopping by category will help you narrow down your search and acquire the perfect composition that expresses your true emotions. If you are ready to start shopping, take a look at the top categories that best suit your needs.
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